Date City

A town generating a variety of vegetables, which was built by samurai

Date City was first developed by Kunishige Date, the feudal lord of the Watari clan, which was a division of the Sendai clan, and his vassals for collective immigration in 1870. With little snowfall for a city in Hokkaido and a warm climate all through the year, it is called "Shonan of the north".
A "compact city" is achieved, with large-scale shopping centers, commercial districts and a variety of facilities packed together within the city. Its main streets are called "Rekishi Kaido" and "Frontier Kaido" and the townscape is well organized. The city has a population of approximately thirty-five thousand.
A wide variety of industries, mainly primary industries such as agriculture and fisheries, have been developed in the city. Agriculture in the city is centered on vegetables. Rice growing, farming, dairy farming and animal husbandry have also been developed. Fisheries are centered on scallop culture. Autumn salmon fishing also prospers.

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